A new website for a new digital consultancy

I took an approach that surprised me!

So…naturally the very first post on my new shiny website is about my new shiny website. Having made the jump from agency to consultant, I have of course been busy with my first few clients. I find myself in the position of having to get a website built quickly….and cheaply!

I have on occasion, advised clients not to focus on spending time (and ultimately money) designing a bespoke website as there were so many well designed templates available. I decided that this was good advice and went down the route of using a pre-built theme myself.

The next question was “which platform do i use?”.

For me this was a simple choice… WordPress. This website needs to be an online portfolio, an advert for my services and an introduction to me. I needed a simple platform that allows me to quickly add content, services and blog posts. Naturally it needed to work across all devices.

I spent a maximum of ten minutes looking for a design that was flexible enough to handle all requirements and customisable enough to add to over time. Hey presto!

As always, the most difficult part of the website build is adding the content.

Should it be corporate? Should it be conversational? Who is my target audience? Do I need to consider SEO? These are all very common questions that I am lucky enough to be able to test and find out over time.

Put up version one and change as and when i have the answers. This is my approach…. I consider the time I have available, the budget (zero!), the urgency of deployment and what I need from it at this stage.

I will be posting the results and evidence from  my own web build As an example of a flexible website strategy and build.



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